Summer Scholarship Grants Available for Mental Health Professionals and Registered Dieticians

Advance Your Career and Enhance Your Education as a Credentialed Bariatric Specialist

  • Bariatric Science is an evidenced based science that embodies the research, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of obesities and its related disorders.
  • The Bariatric Science Certification and Credentialing Online Education Program offers theory as well as hands-on clinical practice skills. Hospitals and health insurance providers recognize the need and often require this advanced training and certification.

AABC offers Accredited Self-Paced Online Courses.

Mental Health Professionals and Registered Dieticians that complete the first cycle will receive a full tuition scholarship for the second cycle.


The American Association of Bariatric Counseling (AABC) is an official US Federal not-for-profit, professional fellowship association dedicated to the advancement of bariatric science education and to the enhancement of obesity care and treatment. Founded in 2005, AABC is the world’s largest association exclusively representing professional multi-disciplinary bariatric counselors. Board Certification by AABC affirms that their credentialed fellows are licensed , registered, certified health or education professionals that have completed a specialized academic program in Bariatric Science and must continue their specialized education and training to maintain their Board Certification.