Dr. Daniel Goldman, Ph.D., CBC, is a licensed psychologist from Sarasota, Florida.

He is a senior fellow with AABC and was board certified and credentialed as a Certified Bariatric Counselor in June of 2015.

Dr. Goldman is in private practice and works collaboratively with bariatric health centers. He conducts pre-surgical assessments and prepares patients for bariatric surgeries. He also offers specialized counseling for non- surgical bariatric patients.


How has your fellowship with AABC enhanced your counseling skills?

The AABC certificate program really reinforced how incomplete – and thus clinically erroneous– a so-called ‘common sense’ approach to weight loss can be. For instance, common sense tells us that managing weight should be as simple as “calories in, calories out,” but bariatric science has helped professionals identify the individual biological mechanisms, psychological processes and social influences of obesities We now know that not all obesities are the same and require very individualized treatments.


How has your fellowship with AABC advanced your career?

When physicians refer patients to me for care, or assessment, they know I have received specialized training in bariatric science. Certification and credentialing have highlighted my professional stature has fostered my collaboration with bariatric health centers.


Dr. Goldman exemplifies our professional fellowship. AABC fellows are conducting cutting edge research, applying and sharing their knowledge in public and private sectors; shaping policy and best practices locally, nationally and internationally,

We are extremely proud of our fellowship.