There is a growing need for Mental Health Professionals with a Specialty in Bariatric Science Counseling. AABC is offering a Colleague Scholarship Endowment program to meet that need.


The AABC Bariatric Certification is offered in two education cycles. The Colleague Scholarship endowment valued at $450.00 per person and will be applied to the Cycle 2 tuition. Upon completion of Cycle 1 you and your colleague(s) will be registered in Cycle 2 tuition free.

How To Get Started

  • Click the Colleague Scholarship button you will be taken to the Registration page.
  • Once you have registered your application will appear. Your application will require some general information plus  1) a copy of your professional license,  2) a photo ID and 3) the application fee ($75.00)


The Colleague(s) I would like to participate with:

Email Carrie Moraites the names and email addresses of the colleague or colleagues with whom you will be participating in the 2019 Colleague Scholarship Endowment Program.