Butter Good For You? Nicolette Pace Breaks it Down with CBS NY

Nicolette Pace – Butter is often associated with being bad for you but research studies are suggesting health benefits to eating this tasty dairy product. I recently sat down with CBS 2 New York to chat all things butter and how it’s an important part of a healthy, balanced diet. Check out the full story below to find out more!

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Obesity A Disease Whose Time Has Come

Obesity: A Disease Whose Time Has Come
Bariatric Science: A Science Whose Time Has come


Obesity is the pandemic of the 21st century. Nonetheless, this most “visible of medical conditions” remains invisible to most third party payers. Insurance companies underwrite and spend billions on treating co-morbid diseases of obesity (diabetes, hypertension, CVD etc) and ignore what is most often the root of these diseases- obesity. Why?

Hippocrates: The Father of the Obesity Stigma

There is no medical condition that is more burdened with long standing discrimination then that of obesity. Beginning with the Hippocrates nostrum that weight can be controlled by deciding to eat less and exercise more, stigmatized “fat people” have been held Continue reading