María José Camacho-González, MS, CBC, Awarded Bariatric Board Certification

María José Camacho-González, MS, CBC

Maria Jose Comacho-Gonzales, a licensed psychologist from San Juan, Puerto Rico has been awarded National Board Certification by the American Association of Bariatric Counselors (AABC). After completing a specialized fellowship training and education program in bariatric science he was recently credentialed as a Board Certified Bariatric Counselor (CBC).

She completed her Bachelor’s degree in psychology at The University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus, her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Carlos Albizu University. Maria provides treatment for children, adolescents and adults. Her individual solution focused practice integrates many treatment modalities, with special focus on bariatrics. She is an active member of the Puerto Rico Psychological Association.

To provide the most current techniques and best clinical practices in bariatric science, she recently completed a post-graduate fellowship with the American Association of Bariatric Counselors and has been credentialed as a Certified Bariatric Counselor (CBC). Her scholarship, clinical training and commitment and dedication to community public health will further the AABC global mission of providing best practices in the care and treatment of those suffering from obesity and related disorders.

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