Jessica Genel, MS, RD, Awarded National Bariatric Board Certification

Jessica Genel MS, RD CBC

Jessica Genel MS, RD, a Registered Dietitian from San Diego, California, has been awarded National Board Certification by the American Association of Bariatric Counselors (AABC). After completing a specialized fellowship training and education program in bariatric science, she was recently credentialed as a Board Certified Bariatric Counselor (CBC).

Jessica earned her bachelor’s degree in nutrition at Guadalajara University in Mexico and then received a scholarship from McGill University in Montreal, Canada; where she received a master’s degree in human nutrition.  Her professional education and interest in food, nutrition and culture took her from Mexico to Canada, Australia and then to the US.

Currently she counsels patients preparing for bariatric surgery at the Sharp Memorial Hospital, Bariatric Surgery Department in San Diego CA. Post-surgery she continues to support patients transition through significant behavioral, nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Recognizing Jessica’s scholarship and vast nutrition and cultural experience, AABC awarded her a fellowship scholarship in their Bariatric Certification and Credentialing Program. Her worldview, clinical acumen and commitment to bariatric patients furthers the AABC global mission of providing best practices in the care, treatment and prevention of obesity, and related disorders.

American Association of Bariatric Counselors