Jane Bogursky, RN, LICSW, Awarded National Bariatric Board Certification

Jane Bogursky, RN, LICSWJane Bogursky, RN, LICSW, a trained Nurse and Licensed Clinical Social Worker from Meredith, NH, has been awarded National Board Certification by the American Association of Bariatric Counselors (AABC). After completing a specialized fellowship training and education program in bariatric science she was recently credentialed as a Board-Certified Bariatric Counselor (CBC).

Jane began her career as a registered nurse. After eight years of nursing, Jane decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Social Work and graduated from Simmons College in Boston Ma. Currently, Jane combines both her nursing and social work knowledge (mind and body) to help those struggling with mental health concerns. Recognizing the need for specialized training in Bariatric Science led to her receiving a fellowship from AABC. Jane looks forward to incorporating this specialty into her telehealth private practice.

As a result of her unique training in both the medical and social sciences and professional accomplishments, AABC awarded her an academic scholarship. Her professional stature and clinical experience will help fulfill the AABC global mission of providing best practices in the care, treatment and prevention of obesity and related disorders

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