Fellows Spotlight December 2021

Dr. James Hierro, MD, CBC, is a Board-Certified Obesity Management Specialist

Dr. James Hierro, MD, CBC

(COMS), founder and current CEO of Quisqueya Community Care Center, Inc. (QCCC). This not-for-profit community center addresses problems related to obesity in children, teenagers, and adults, currently affecting the New York City communities.

QCCC’s primary focus is to offer programs that will improve the health and wellbeing of New Yorkers, especially children. What is unique about our health interventions is that they meet people “where they are at”, where they live, work, learn and recreate, bringing a variety of workshops, nutrition seminars, and physical activity strategies.

How has certification impacted your career and the population your serve?

This Board Certification has been a blessing personally and professionally. Thanks to this certification and the implied stature and recognition, I and QCCC have been able to collaborate with other community stakeholders, and promote public health initiatives, health fairs and address health equity.

What specific competency have you developed through our education and training program that has been most important for you?

Recognition that the mind and body are inseparable. Rather than using a typical medical model, we now incorporate a biopsychosocial approach to for both illness and wellness.

Commitment to Public Health

AABC training has helped me recognize many of the health obstacles and disparities that communities, families, and individuals face every day. QCCC has been able to provide community strategies that have helped overcome many of these health obstacles, especially during these “trying times.

We are extremely proud of our fellowship!

For Information on How to Become Certified visit: https://www.aabc-certification.org/how-to-become-certified/