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Family and Consumer Science Educators We are the First Responders!

romm_jane_nysafcse_v01fbI teach FACS at Blind Brook Middle/High School, grades 6 through 12. I am always searching for materials relevant to what we teach to inspire both our students and ourselves.

I have become involved with The American Association of Bariatric
Counselors (AABC), dedicated to education pertaining to obesity. With
growing concern of the obesity problem in our country, especially in our
youth, these courses give us an insight into the roots of the problem, insight
into the psychology of obesity, and how it affects the patient, prevention,
as well as solutions for us to present to our students. I have taken the series
of 4 classes, and have found them to be a most useful tool to enhance
both my learning and understanding of obesity, and given me new fuel
for my classroom teaching.

I have joined the organization in the role of e-advisor because of the
commitment I have found AABC has to helping
Educators to truly began to conquer obesity through education. We can
make a difference! “Knowledge is Power”.

I highly recommend taking these 4 classes, all available on-line. Please
check out their programs, and contact me if you have any questions.
American Association of Bariatric Counselors (AABC)
or email :
or call: 1-866-284-3682
Courses are also available for Graduate Credit from Touro College.
Thank you,
Jane Romm, M.S., CBE
Blind Brook Middle/High School
840 King Street
Rye Brook, N.Y. 10573

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