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Thanksgiving Weight Gain Fear Mongering

Popular belief is that we gain 5-10 pounds between Thanksgiving New Years   

Many studies demonstrate we gain some weight but not as much as we think  

The National Institutes of Health repeatedly weighed 195 volunteers from Thanksgiving thru New Year’s.. The average weight gain was less than one pound

However about 9% of the participants gained an average of 5lb over the same holiday period 

Study Results

The majority of participants were weighed again the following September. 

Researchers found that not only were those holiday pounds not lost, there was an additional average weight gain or 0.45 lb.

Best Practices: What are the takeaways from this research?

1. You will probably gain some weight during the holiday season
2. It will not be as much as you might think
3.The average weight gains were only about 1.5lbs, but they were not reversed.

4. These modest gains accrue of the decades, so this year’s 1.5 gain will be 30 pounds in 20 years.

6. The key is to enjoy family and friends during the holidays and take the rest of year to reverse these small incremental weight gains 

Read: A Prospective Study of Holiday Weight Gain


Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex After Bariatric Surgery

How long do I have to wait to have sex after bariatric surgery?

How long do I have to wait to have sex after bariatric surgery?

Like all surgeries, the recovery period is very individual…as is the time to resume sex after bariatric surgery.  If the bariatric surgery was performed “open” as opposed to laparoscopically the recovery time will take a little longer. Patients are advised to listen their doctors as well their bodies.  Some patients are able to resume their sex life within a week to ten days and some take many weeks, even months.  The “rule of thumb” for sex as well as other physical activities; if the patient is not experiencing pain or discomfort there is no reason to abstain. However if a patient feels uncomfortable during sex or other strenuous  physical activities, have them wait a bit longer before they try again.

Most patients do report an increase in libido and improved sex life after weight-loss, and weight-loss also improves fertility for many men and women. Needless to say, improved fertility, and increased libido/sexual frequency requires careful attention to birth control.

For both the health of the developing fetus as well as the mother, pregnancy post-surgery is best deferred until the weight-loss stops and the mother’s weight stabilizes.

It should be noted that for those patients with minimal sexual experience or for couples that have had long interrupted sex lives, shyness, shame, body image dissatisfaction are realities and prudent bariatric counseling is essential.


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Dr. Diet AABC blog

Dear Dr. Diet

There are so many detox weight loss products to choose from. Could recommend the best one?




Dear Pandora’s Box aka Detox,


Fast talking health hucksters continue to earn millions by robbing millions of their hopes and dreams. Weight loss detox products are the new magic bullets currently being hustled by these charlatans. Literally hundreds of these products pop-up on an Amazon search for detox weight-loss products.

Millions of Americans are desperate to lose weight and desperate people do desperate things


Cashing in on this desperation are hundreds of unethical companies using the medical jargon detoxification to prop up their wares …Our advice beware …because detox stuff is everywhere…even on our Facebook pages. You can buy detox, tinctures, tea bags, coffees, pills, bath salts, colon cleanses, shampoos, body gels and even hair straighteners. You can go to a detox diet retreat and lose weight, but that will have nothing to do with toxins or colon sludge, it is simply because you have consumed less calories then you expended


Let’s be clear,” says Edzard Ernst, emeritus professor of complementary medicine at Exeter University, “there are two types of detox: one is respectable and the other isn’t.” The respectable one, he says, is the medical treatment of people with life-threatening drug addictions. “The other is the word being hijacked by entrepreneurs, quacks and charlatans to sell a bogus treatment that allegedly detoxifies your body of toxins you’re supposed to have accumulated.”


Bariatric Science a timely emerging body of science. And nowhere in that empirical science is there any kind of detoxification agent that promotes weight-loss. As boring as it sounds, weight loss can only be accomplished by consuming less calories then you expend. Calories in and calories out. If any detox company can prove otherwise…we will be first on that long line.

However if you want to detoxify yourself of the viral and bacterial toxins that are found on paper money just hand it over to the quacks that hawk these bogus detox products.

From Science- Based Medicine read; Detox: What “They” Don’t Want You To Know


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Family and Consumer Science Educators

Family and Consumer Science Educators We are the First Responders!

romm_jane_nysafcse_v01fbI teach FACS at Blind Brook Middle/High School, grades 6 through 12. I am always searching for materials relevant to what we teach to inspire both our students and ourselves.

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