Fellows Spotlight March 2021

Heather Krick, MS, RDN, CSOWM, LDN, CBC

Heather Krick, MS, RDN, CSOWM, LDN, CBC is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist in Pennsylvania.  In addition, she is a Board-Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, and a Board-Certified Bariatric Counselor. She was Board Certified and credentialed as a Certified Bariatric Counselor (CBC) in November 2018. As an educator she is an Assistant Professor of Nutrition at La Salle University in Philadelphia.

How has certification  impacted your career and the lives of the patient’s you counsel?

The AABC certification program has opened my professional and personal eyes to the many evidence-based practice approaches to adult weight management. This program has highlighted the understated fact that an individual’s weight loss journey should be tailored to their unique needs with evidence-based biopsychosocial interventions. Through my fellowship with AABC I have gained insight and practice in motivational interviewing skills, patient engagement strategies, cultural sensitivity, and research interpretation.

A specific competency that you have developed through our education and training program that has been most important for you.

The education and training program has helped me develop the cultural competency to provide appropriate evidence-based care for patients in diverse cultural settings. The ability to tailor dietary and lifestyle recommendations that reflect culture and ethnicity.  Enhanced my skills in research evaluation, interpretation, and implementation in clinical practice.

Commitment to Public Health  

AABC has advanced my commitment to public health in the community and in academia. I continue to offer community and academic workshops related to culinary arts; topics including basic nutrition for health and wellness, sports nutrition, geriatric nutrition practices, and culinary skills for cooking at home.