Fellows Spotlights June 2020

Patricia Cooke MS, CDN, CNS, CDE, CBC, is a New York State Licensed Certified Dietician Nutritionist, Certified in Adult weight management by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, a Certified Diabetes Educator and a Certified Bariatric Counselor. She was Board Certified and credentialed as a Certified Bariatric Counselor (CBC) in June 2018.


Ms. Cooke’s primary work setting is a Community Health Center which serves low income and underserved communities in Queens and Brooklyn, N.Y. Patients receive comprehensive medical services as well as nutritional services. Patricia counsels’ patients, of all ages for weight management/weight loss, chronic disease and overall improved dietary and lifestyle habits.


How has your fellowship with AABC enhanced your counseling skills?

My training and certification as a bariatric counselor (CBC) has given me the tools to address not only the specifics of the change in diet required but in addressing the myriad of biopsychosocial issues which are present in an individual struggling with obesity. Patients do recognize and trust the CBC credential and are assured of my specialty and competence.  They trust my understanding of the many obstacles they have faced and my competencies to provide sensitive and individualized treatment.


How has your fellowship with AABC advanced your career?

Specifically, since receiving Bariatric Certification I have been able to build health partnerships with many patient’s, Bariatric Surgeons and Primary Care Physicians. Physicians as well as professional colleagues recognize my CBC credential, specialized training and expertise in the bariatric sciences.  This has given them confidence in my competence and knowledge and the comfort to allow me to take the lead in the patients’ care.


Patricia Cooke exemplifies our professional fellowship. AABC fellows are conducting, cutting edge research, applying and sharing their knowledge in public and private sectors; shaping policy and best practices locally, nationally and internationally.

We are extremely proud of our fellowship.