Mystery of 4th of July BBQ Solved

BBQ Mystery

Case History

Jack had a gastric sleeve surgery and is able to sustain his 75 lb weight-loss for over 4 years His BMI went from 38 to 27 and he no longer had diabetes, or hypertension, had no evidence of disease and was an excellent example of a successful and healthy WLS patient. He was compliant with post-surgery dietary guidelines, and followed a keto styled diet. Being a Southerner he attributed much of his success to his love for BBQ (rib eye steak, baby back ribs, pork belly, pork chops etc).

Symptoms Begin

Several hours after one of his Sunday BBQs he developed a headache. had stomach cramps , became dizzy, nauseous and itchy  He had a sleepless night and just attributed to have eaten something that was spoiled. During that week he started recognizing similar symptoms in the early afternoon and more severe symptoms that would wake him at night. He reported this to his internist who thought it might be related to his gastric sleeve surgery. He made and appointment with his surgeon who then referred him to a GI doctor that performed an upper endoscopy and found nothing that could explain Jacks symptoms and referred him to an allergist. Continue reading

Dr. Dalia Shawer, First Egyptian Health Professional Awarded Bariatric Board Certification


Dr. Dalia Shawer, CBC

Dr. Dalia Shawer, CBC

Dr. Dalia Shawer, a pediatrician and licensed clinical nutritionist is the first Egyptian health professional to be awarded Board Certification by the American Association of Bariatric Counselors (AABC). After completing a specialized training and education program in bariatric science she was recently credentialed as a Board Certified Bariatric Counselor (CBC).

Dr. Shawer completed her medical training in Pediatrics at Alexandria University in Egypt and her Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition training from the European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism. She also has been Certified as a Lactation Consultant by the International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants. She specializes in pediatric and adult nutrition and weight management.

Her years of clinical experience in Egypt and Kuwait supports current research that demonstrates that a mother’s nutrition before and during pregnancy can contribute to their baby’s development of obesity. To offer her patients best practices she became a fellow with AABC and completed their specialized training and certification program.

Her scholarship and commitment to public health will further the AABC global mission of providing best practices in the care, treatment and prevention of obesity and related disorders.

American Association of Bariatric Counselors

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