Why Would Somebody Lose All The Weight and Then Gain It Back?

Nobody really wants to be fat …that’s why we try over and over again to lose weight, only to gain it back.  Even bariatric surgeries have substantial re-gains.

We don’t know a single dieter or surgical patient who has suffered with the burdens of obesity, lived a lifetime of quiet desperation, a life plagued with obesity shame, dashed diet dreams and self-blame …that doesn’t desperately want to be thin … and then they remarkably accomplish that impossible dream and lose all the weight. We don’t know anyone that willingly wants to gain it all back, that is the last thing they want,  but too often that is the heartbreaking reality. (must see video)

The Heartbreak of Ali Vincent

So, I ask you, why would a person that has the passion, diligence and fortitude to finally achieve their lifetime dream and lose (let’s say) 100 pounds regain their weight? Why wouldn’t they simply lose a couple pounds when they start regaining weight, instead of waiting until they completely relapse? After all, these are the same people that have proven their hardiness and will power by losing all that weight… it just doesn’t seem to make sense. Continue reading